Chamaedorea costaricana

Costa Rican bamboo palm


Botanical Name Chamaedorea costaricana
Synonym(s) Chamaedorea biolleyi
Chamaedorea linearia
Chamaedorea seibertii
Legnea laciniata
Nunnezharia costaricana
Osmanthe costaricana
Common Name(s) Costa Rican bamboo palm
Family Palm
Natural Habitat Central American Rainforests
NZ Zone 9b to 11.
Note: a 'b' next to the zone number means the plant might suit warm micro climates of that zone.
Trunk Type Clustering
Leaf Type Pinnate Olive to deep green, dull and thin
Adult Dimensions 6 metres tall 3 metres wide
Growth Rate Moderate growth rate
Sun Exposure Part shade when young, will take full sun with age
Frost Tolerance One of the more frost tolerant of the genus, still require some protection
Moisture / Drainage Found in rain forest and size dictated by moisture availability
Wind Tolerance Limited wind exposure best
Reproductive Type Dioecious
Propagation / Cultivation Can take a year or more to germinate depending on seed freshness
General Comments Good for patios in tubs once established
Some others in Genus C. cataractarum / C. elegans / C. linearis / C. metallica / C. microspadix / C. seifrizii / C. tepejilote / C. woodsoniana

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